general camp information




  • The Art of STEM and Drama Kids split their time between different suite in the same building.  
  • We offer camps for children ages 5 to 11.  Children are split into groups by age, 5-8 and 8-11.  
  • Drop off and pick up will be in suite 102 The Art of STEM
  • Drop off is anytime after 8:30 and pick up is anytime before 5:30. (Unless you emailed with requests for before care and confirmed arrangements with staff). Otherwise please be aware doors will not open until 8:30 am.  
  • Signing your child in and out (including the name of the person picking up) is required.
  • Your child will need a lunch, a water bottle, and 2 snacks.
  • We recommend children wear clothes that can get messy.
  • Each week the children rehearse a skit which is recorded on Fridays.  We post the performance on Facebook so parents can enjoy watching their children at their convenience. 


  • We staff according to the number of children attending camp. It is a 10 to 1 ratio. 
  • The first hour of our day children have games, puzzles, and building type toys to enjoy some free play time. It also allows staff the time to greet parents signing their children in and prepare for the day.
  • All staff members are educators and have had a background check.

Parent Responsibilities

  • PLEASE be sure staff is aware of any special needs, or allergies your child may have. 
  • PLEASE understand that some of the projects and the video of the camp’s skit/play are posted on the Art of STEM and the Drama Kids of Apex facebook page. If you are not comfortable with this, it is your responsibility to make the staff aware of it in writing.

Use of Technology 

  • Coding, robotics, animation activities, as well as work with the Cricut Maker will be incorporated into the day’s activities.   
  • Children will be permitted 30 minutes of (age/educationally appropriate apps only) “Free Choice TechTime” in afternoon.  This allows children to explore various creative, age appropriate apps and games as well as have some down time.

Weather Policy

  • In the event of inclement weather, safety is our number one priority.  We may not follow Wake Co. Schools but we will keep our families informed via email and text messages.  We will monitor situations and as long as staff are safely able to make it into the facility and power is in tact, we will remain open.  Please use your best discretion when traveling in these situations.  Continue to check your email and phones for updates.  There will be no partial refunds for weather closings.  

Sample Day of Camp

                                         A Sample day of the FRACTURED FAIRY TALES CAMP

8:30-9:30     Free play - games, building toys, puzzles, free draw/coloring, visit with the guinea pigs

9:30-10:00    Guided movement activity (Go Noodle or Brain Breaks)

10:00            SNACK Listen to, read and view examples of Fractured Fairy Tales

10:15-11:00  Older group (8-11 year olds) will go to Drama Room to play drama games and practice the week's    

                    skit, "The Stinky Cheese Man" (A funny version of the "Gingerbread Man")

                    Younger group (5-8 year olds) will  stay in the Art of STEM room and create either a gingerbread man or a stinky cheese character out of salt dough.  Then design a boat that can carry the character 

                     across a tub of water without sinking.

11:00-11:45  GROUPS SWITCH rooms and do similar activities modified for the age differences

11:45-12:00  Clean up

12:00            Lunch

1:00-1:45   Older group goes to drama room or outside to play games shuch as Spud, 4Corners, Chicken in 

                  in the Hen House, or Trolls, Giants, and Ogres.

                  Younger group begins making costumes (lots of cardboard, tissue paper, felt, and imagination!)

1:45-2:00   GROUPS SWITCH and do similar activities modified for the age differences               

2:00-2:45   Older group stays in the drama room or technology room and create an animated movie of           

                   of a fractured fairy tale on Tunetastic or do a robotic coding activity

                  Younger group Science/ Art stays in the Art of STEM room and participates in a science experiment

2:45-3:00   GROUPS SWITCH             

3:00-3:45   Older Group has free Technology time 

                  Younger group create Fractured Fairy Tale character out of Fuse Beads and make a backpack clip

3:45-4:30    GROUPS SWITCH 

4:30-Pick up Board games, bingo, coloring, building blocks


"My kids really enjoyed this camp and they are super picky when it comes to track out camp! I'm sure we will be back!"

"My children have enjoyed their track-out experiences at Art of STEM. We like the creativity that goes into their daily activities. Very pleased with this place!"

"Gretchen has loved this camp! She’s been engaged all week and asked to come back next track out. The teachers are so kind and wonderful."